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The Gallery of Inspiration is a specialized gallery designed to showcase the artistic works of very talented consumers of the Community Counseling Center.  Artwork featured in our gallery is the product of each artist’s individual explorations with art. Ultimately, art is medium that allows these talented people to tap into their creativity and, for some of them, to overcome daily life issues and the stigma associated with mental illness. With more than just one focus, the gallery is designed to assist those artists who are looking for ways to integrate back into their community while learning valuable work skills. Some of our featured artists, however, have been successful members of their communities, and for them, the gallery functions as an avenue to display their talent and to earn a little extra income. Consumers receive 100% of the money from art sales which, for example, they use to purchase art supplies. The artistic community has welcomed and helped establish the Gallery of Inspiration in downtown Cape Girardeau.



Tel. 573-334-1100

416 South Kingshighway

Cape Girardeau, MO 63703



Monday - Friday 12:00 - 4:00

Gallery of Inspiration is a program provided by

Community Counseling Center | 402 S. Silver Springs Road, Cape Girardeau | (573) 334-1100

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