Oil Paints and Oil Pastels used together to create an awesome work of art. 

What's In Our Gallery?


The Gallery of Inspiration is a specialized gallery operated by Communitty

Counseling Center consumer artists and is designed to showcase the artwork

of very talented consumers. The artwork featured in the Gallery of Inspiration

is created from the hearts, minds, and hands of artists who live with mental

illness and the stigma associated with it. 

The Gallery of Inspiration provides a venue in which consumer artists share

their talents and display their artwork. The Gallery provides an opportunity

for artists to earn a litttle income so they can continue doing what they 

love to do do most. All proceeds from the sale of the art goes directly to the

artists to help offset their treatment expenses.

The Gallery of Inspiration artists attend monthly Art Guild meetings held at the Gallery, participate in downtown Cape Girardeau's First Friday With The Arts from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 pm,, and promote a ''featured consumer artist of the

month'' whose artwork is displayed throught the Gallery. 

The Gallery of Inspiration is located in the Bilderbach's Art Plaza, 5 N. Main, 

Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 63701




                      BUSINESS HOURS


                      TUESDAY - FRIDAY

                              12:00 - 5:00



                            12:00 - 5:00











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