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Becoming a Gallery of Inspiration Artist Guild member is easy.  The following is a condensed

description of the application procedure:

  1. New members must be established clients of Community Counseling Center.  

  2. You will need to bring at least 3 samples of your artwork to present to the Guild.  

  3. You will be asked to talk a bit about your work, what medium you mostly work in, your background in art, etc.

  4. After you have presented your work to the Guild for consideration, a silent vote among the Guild members will be cast to determine whether or not you are accepted into the Guild.

If you ARE accepted into the Guild, you will be required to do the following:


  1. Fill out a Release of Information form.

  2. Attend eight (8) gallery-related functions a year--four (4) of which MUST be Guild meetings.

  3. Be capable of creating and submitting new artwork or photography on a regular basis. If a piece of artwork has been in the gallery for 3 months and hasn't sold, it is at the Gallery Director's discretion to return that artwork to the artist who created it if room is needed for the other artists' works in the gallery.

  4. Comply with all Art Submission requirements.


If you are NOT accepted into the Guild, the Gallery Director will be happy to sit down and talk with you one-on-one about what can be done to better your artwork for consideration into the gallery. 

Have your case manager call today!

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