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Gallery-ready Mean?

Gallery-Ready is a term used to describe artwork that is appropriately prepared to be received by an art gallery.  The following is list of guidelines and requirements that must be met before artwork can be accepted into Gallery of Inspiration.


All framed items as well as unframed stretched canvases MUST have appropriate hanging or display materials on the back. IF you want them on the wall for First Friday they MUST NOT have a ''Foot'' on the back of them. This causes the item to hang crooked.

Gallery-Ready Tags must be placed on the back on all items when they are submitted.  Gallery-Ready tags can be acquired by seeing an employee at the gallery, or you can print your own.  All information on the tags MUST be filled out.


Photography and Giclée prints that are not framed must be placed inside Photo Protective Sleeves (which can be provided by the gallery if resources allow). Ideally, you'll want to mat these unframed items first before placing them in the protective sleeves--they make for a much easier sell this way.

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