Kelly Nigro



Biography- I have been painting, sculpting and drawing for as long as I can remember.

I won my first Art Contest when I was 13 yrs. old. I have been part of the Gallery of Inspiration since 2012 and I even work at the Gallery part-time The Gallery has been been a life-line for me since my last open heart surgery. I love being there and I have mad a lot of new friend and hope to continue doing so.  Kelly Nigro


Greg Ridenour



Biography- Greg is an Artist first and secondly a beginning Photographer. He enjoys using Acrylics and a medium called 

Day Glow which is an Acrylic paint which has neon colors and will glow under a black light. Greg also uses wax candles and crayons to create beautiful works of art.




Sue Floyd



Sue is an avid Photographer. She has been involved in Photography for many years. She still does "film

photography'' quite often. Sue has travelled quite extensively just to do Photography. One of her favortie places to d0 Photography is Colorado and more specifically the Grand Tetons. She also has went to the state of California through the giant Red Woods to get the perfect shots for her portfolio. Sue is full of stories about her journeys. Stop in on First Fridays and look her up!


Iris Anderson 

Acrylic paintings/multi-mediums

Sheli D. Simmons

Jewelry, Acrylic Painting, Multi- Mediums

Jennifer Sampson


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